My Bellies Going to get Big

Friday, October 22, 2004

11 1/2 weeks

So today was the BIG doctor visit. They asked me almost ever personal question I think they could think up. Then I had to do a bunch of tests and they took 7 vials of my blood. Your suppose to be able to hear the fetuses heart beat by now. So the doctor listened for it on a Doppler but big surprise the babe didn't want to co-operate ( I wonder who he gets that from?) So I go back November 12 for more tests and if they don't hear the heart beat in three weeks from now the doctor will be concerned. But am just thinking here that this baby it just showing of that he truly is a Rice ( never on time for anything :) I finally have the actual due date for this little one MAY 9 ( which is the day after Adam and I first wedding anniversary ) Now honestly could you think of a better present ?!

Saturday, October 16, 2004

11th week - it's a lime !

Well I finally found a doctor for my baby and me. I go for my first prenatal visit on October 22nd. They told me to bring Adam along because we might be able to hear the baby's heart beat ( if the baby co-operates ). Well I have my first pregnancy symptom and it started about a week ago, I have morning sickness but a very mild form of it. Every morning when I get up now am soooo hungry I feel nauseous but as soon as I eat breakfast I feel fine by the time I head out the door to work. So really I can't complain because I know that's nothing am very lucky so far. I haven't gained a pound yet and I haven't started showing yet. So am really anxious to see my doctor so that she can confirm that their really is a baby in there. I was talking to a girl today that is due the same day I am and she was already showing so much that she was wearing maternity clothes ( where's my belly ? ) I guess I should be careful what I wish for am sure it will come soon enough. Am in my 11th week now and you might find it interesting to know that my babe is the size of a lime right now ( crazy !!! ) My Aunt Sugar and friend Jen Wenz-Miller think that am having a little girl. That would be so exciting if that were true ( but I don't think Adam is capable of making girls :) Either way though all be happy as long as it's healthy and adorable.

Saturday, October 02, 2004

My husband Adam and I were throwing caution to the wind and fooling around with the idea making a baby. On August 24 I quit my disrespectful, over-demanding and stressful job. And we decided to put having a baby on the back burner for awhile while I tried to find a new job and figure out what my new career path would be. I remember saying to friends that "if I become pregnant right now, wouldn't that be a kicker!?" Well on August 26th (the very day I should start you know what) I took a pregnancy test that clearly showed I was pregnant. They say pregnancy happens when you least expect it and in my cause it was no different.

When I found out that I was expecting I was excited and scared. I also had a hard time at first believing it was true and took two more test just to be certain. As for Adam one test was all he needed to high five me and strut around the place.

So I've enter into my 9th week and am still pregnancy symptom free to date. Which drives a lot of my previously pregnant friends and family to be bitterly jealous of me :)

The Husband Starts Everything - By Adam

Hi My name is Adam. I recently knocked my wife up and she has been doing a lot of resource regarding our little jelly bean (it is the size of the Jelly bean right now). I just thought this would be a unique way to help her through her Pregnacy and keep track of the ups and downs that I am sure we will be facing. Know I hope this isn't going to be the last post but I tried my hardest to get it started. If it did get started and this is my little boy or girl reading this then I love you very much. Or moderately I haven't really met you yet.

now without further adu