My Bellies Going to get Big

Friday, November 12, 2004

15 1/2 weeks

Well today I had one of my routine doctor visits. The visited didn't go as well as was hoped. First the doctor tells me am not immune to Rubella so if I come into contact with someone with this illness it could be deadly to my unborn child. Then my doctor couldn't find the baby's heart beat, still. Then she took notice that my weight hadn't increased since my last doctor visit a month ago. I am suppose to be gaining an pound or two each week now. Then she started to feel around on my tummy an thought that I wasn't as big as I should be. So after all of this my doctor concluded that she wants me to go in for an early ultra sound just to make sure everything is ok. She also wants me to do some more blood work and some other tests. She figured after the ultra sound we'd know more. She thinks that maybe am not as far a long as we had originally thought. But am certain that I am exactly 15 1/2 weeks along. I know the exact day that I conceived so the due date has to be May 9th. But then again am not a doctor. An since the government only allows one ultra sound an my doctor wants me to do mine now. It will be too soon to determine the sex of our baby. Adam and I were hoping to find out the sex of the baby early but it's not to be. So the stubborn baby gets to keep it's secret. But on the upside of things I get to see the baby early. And tomorrow I'm leaving on a trip to Las Vegas :) Baby's first airplane ride!

Thursday, November 04, 2004

13 weeks / start of second trimester

Well I've POPPED, so to speak! To the untrained eye or a stranger I look the same. But to all of you am clearly pregnant or letting myself go. The first trimester was a breeze and very uneventful an for that I'm truly thankful ( I've heard horror stories ). Although the one symptom that keeps creeping up and I find it difficult to controls is my emotions. Last week I thought I had the right to tell Adam that he wasn't being supportive. An he pointed out that he had just done all of my laundry, order Chinese food ( my favorite ), cleaned the house and decorated for Halloween ( all while I say on the couch wishing I had the energy to move ). Man I sure don't know when to pick a fight, thanks for nothing raging pregnancy hormones. There are days when am soooo moody and sad and I don't feel like me anymore. An it's irritating because rationally I know that things are the greatest they've ever been in my life, so why can't I be happy all of the time?!
I told my new employers that am expecting ( I was really nervous too ). They were honestly excited for me, had lots of questions and have been very supportive. All that worrying for nothing :)
Today was the first day that I had the energy to do whatever I wanted. It felt great to be so active again. I was so excited to feel energetic again that I scrubbed the stove and fridge, did two loads of dishes, 5 loads of laundry, cooked a gourmet meal and did a months worth of grocery shopping all after completing a full day of work. And am sitting here wondering what to do next.