My Bellies Going to get Big

Thursday, December 23, 2004

20 1/2 weeks

Just to update everyone my specialist appointment is Dec 29th. So I won't know any new info until then. Am kind of angry with how long it's taken to finally get this appointment. You wouldn't believe what they put me through to get it. A Radiologist was the first one to notice a concern with the baby's heart on Dec 6th and I should of been seen by a specialist that week. But the hospital report got lost in the shuffle, my family doctor wasn't notified of the concern for a week, then my doctor was off work for a week with the flu, then the doctors receptions didn't make the referral to the specialist office until yesterday morning because she forgot (idiot). An the whole time I seem like a hysterical stressed out pregnant lady because I've been calling every other day to find out what the HELL is going on. So Dr. Gagon called me yesterday to make an appointment with me the first day he opens back up after the holidays (because their closed now). He wanted to make sure I was doing ok ( he saw that the discovery was made Dec6th and wondered why he was just hearing about it on Dec 22nd ). He wanted to reassure me that he isn't concerned with my report that he's seen this sort of thing many of times. So that was VERY comforting to hear as I enter into the holiday season.

What I've learned from this experience. I am getting a feel of what maternal love feels like. Don't mess with my cub or all come after ya :)

Friday, December 17, 2004

20 weeks, again!

I had a visit with the doctor today to review the information I received on Monday. The ultrasound results showed that I am exactly 20 weeks as of today, so am half way though this pregnancy :) During the ultrasound, a small echogenic focus was identified in the fetal cardiac left ventricle. This has a very weak association with Down's syndrome. An that an obstetrical opinion is needed. So sometime next week I have an appointment with Dr. Gannon a specialist here in London. An after I meet with him we'll have a better idea on what all this really means. In family history we have septal defects ( holes in the heart ). I myself have a dyspneic defect in the right ventricle of my heart ( just a fancy word for "heart murmur"). An am hoping that is all this turns out to be, nothing more then a murmur.

For the first time today Adam got to hear "little buddy's" heart. He said it sounded as if the baby lived inside a wind tunnel. I think it sounds like the baby is doing his laundry. Either way it's my new favorite sound right now!

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

High's & Low's / 20 weeks

The results for the baby's ultrasound came in yesterday. The baby has all ten fingers and toes and looks perfect. Although when a Radiology technician examined the ultrasound further they found a small weak area in the baby's heart. The absolute worst scenario is that the baby will have a heart defect or a very slight possibility of down syndrome. The doctors are just trying to cover all bases. On the positive side the baby is still young and has a LOT of growing to do yet. So the baby's heart has a possibility of strengthening well it grows more an correcting the weak area. Although the news was upsetting at first to hear am just so thankful they caught this early so we can move on to the next step whatever that might be. To be safe and smart my doctor has referred me over to a specialist here in London for the remainder of this pregnancy.

Okay now for exciting/happy news :) I thinking am feeling the baby move inside me!! The first day I noticed it was on Sunday, December 12 at the "Johnson Family Christmas Party". I was making myself breakfast when I felt something that was like a charlie horse from the inside. I yelped and grabbed my stomach ( it didn't hurt at all it just scared me). Adam happened to be beside me at the time an asked "What, you ok!?" I said "I think I felt the baby move, it scared me". He's responds was "scared you! you knew this was going to happen right?" Of course I knew it was going to happen, but how could I ever imagine what it would feel like.

Sunday, December 05, 2004

First Picture - By Adam

Here's the first Picture of my little buddy

only 5 months to go and then I'll be able to post a picture were you can't see the baby's spine.
Trish wanted me write a little blurb (mainly because she didn't know how to post the picture)

As every one knows Andrew is moving out so Trish and I are scrambling to find a place to live. And by scrambling I mean doing nothing but knowing that something is going to have to be done soon. I am starting to shift into father mode, I feel like I'm getting way to protective of Trisha's belly. We went to a wedding yesterday and when she was dancing all I could think about is that poor baby bouncing off the walls of that tiny tiny uterus. When I brought it to Trisha's attention that she was jumping up and down she said "what now I can't dance?" then she spit on her hand and slapped me across the face. (every thing but the slap was true)

At the wedding I was sitting with Nathan, the 2 year old ring bearer. I couldn't keep my eyes of him all night. He had just learned to clap so Andrew and I taught him the next step, how to raise the roof. At a couple points the party was so hopping I thought the roof was going to come down but then I remembered that than was there to prop it back up.. WHOOT WHOOT.

Work is going well all I have to do is make it through Dec and then It's smooth sailing, and just think if I get confirmed as a manager at bell I'll get a raise just in time for Trish to get a pay cut from going on maternity leave. Isn't that great? Just when life shuts a door it opens a window then a foot comes through that window and kicks you in the crotch. But I digress.

So here is the check list for the next 5 month

1. Make it through Dec at work.
2. Find a place for us to live.
3. Get confirmed at work so I can make enough money to pay for said place to live.
4. Watch Star Wars Episode III The revenge of the Sith.
5. Have a Beautiful baby and live happily ever after.

Thursday, December 02, 2004

18 weeks

Tomorrow is the BIG ultra sound and testing day! I'm excited and scared at the exact same time ( much like the feeling when I found out I was pregnant ). Adam can't get anymore time of work so my mom is coming with me to the ultra sound. When I called to tell mom Adam couldn't come with me she cut me off and said "YES I can come !!!" So I gather she's pretty excited. I think about the baby non stop, I might even be obsessed. I'm constantly wondering if the baby is health & comfortable. I worry that am not eating enough, getting adequate sleep, drinking enough water, taking the best vitamins, eating the healthiest foods and so on and so on. The books say that the fetus is the size of your hand spread open ( that's pretty big I think ). Adam is having fun with his unborn child already. I told Adam that the baby can now hear. So the other day he was scanning the internet for music the baby might like. He was playing Mozart or something like that and asked me "is this the baby's favorite music?" Adam hugs my tummy ( he thinks he's hugging the baby ) and calls the baby "little buddy". An nothing can wipe the smile of his face when he sees my ever expanding tummy ( he's so proud of it ).