My Bellies Going to get Big

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Second UltraSound and all is well

We got to see our baby again today!! The doctor said the baby is healthy and normal and no further testing is required. Although there is still a bright spot in the same area of the heart (whatever that means) they’re no longer concerned. It’s just one of those things some babies have but it does not mean there is any thing wrong with the heart. So I’ve been instructed to enjoy the rest of my pregnancy worry free. Today was Adam’s first time seeing “jelly bean”. Adam was the cutest, he grabbed my hand and looked awe struck by the imagine of his baby moving around on the screen. I am not sure who was more fun to watch the baby wiggling around or Adam’s big smile of pride.

After the ultrasound we decided to have an all out baby sort of day. We went and registered at “Babies R Us” (I know it’s early but I was so just so excited). Then we went to the mall and picked out individual gifts we wanted to give our baby. It was a very fun day!

The baby weighted in at 2.1 pounds which is on the heavy side for a 25 week old fetus. The doctor and Adam were pleased with the fact that the baby was already bigger then average. Easy for them to say they don’t have to push the sucker out of them. Oh and I’ve gained a whooping 26 pounds so far to date. Am telling ya am going to get HUGE and my baby is going to come out looking like a toddler J Although it’s all good as long as the baby is a healthy “little thing” or should I say “BIG thing”.

Monday, January 24, 2005

25 weeks

This week has been a little harder then most. I've gained 6 pounds in one week. I have now idea what happened I eat really healthy foods and I don't over eat. But somehow I put a pound on each day this week. And now none of my pregers pants feel comfortable anymore. I can't beleive I have pregancy clothes that don't fit me anymore. Am going to have to break down and buy those ugly pants that go up and over your entire belly. Am getting a little nervous here guys I still have 15 weeks to go and if I keep this up I won't be able to fit throw doorways for much longer.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

24 weeks

Well myself and strangers have realized am pregnant.

Last week I decided to take Sierra for a walk. I got all turned around and completely of course that my walk ended up being an hour and 20 minutes long. If that wasn't discouraging enough it started to rain when I was at least 30 minutes from home. So I protected Sierra from the rain and started to run for home ( in high heels I might add). Which resulted in huge blisters to both feet and too many sore muscle to name. Later on that day I fell down some stairs and ended up on all fours on the not so forgiving pavement ( not to worry jelly bean was protected ). It must of been quite a sight to see. For I was wobbling down the steps do to my blisters and stupid chunky healed shoes that I lost my balance. I threw everything from my hands, cell phone, car keys and my very expensive digital camera but who cares because all I could think about was "baby!!" It was then more then ever that I realized to smarten up and surcome to the fact that I am pregnant. I no longer can do all of the things I use to do so easily.

Am loving it that complete strangers now are asking me when am due. I've graduating finally from looking fat to now obviously pregnant. The other day while I was waiting in the grocery store check out line this lady commended me for eating so healthy while pregnant. I couldn't help but feel proud of myself. I felt like she was patting me on the back for doing a good job.

The baby now weighs 1.5 pounds ( I've gained 18 pounds ) and my uterus is the size of a soccer ball.

Sunday, January 16, 2005

Forced To Grow Up - By Adam

Well the Baby is only 4 months away now, and I'm starting to see some of the changes we are going to have to cope with already. Money being the biggest one. I haven't eaten out for 2 weeks,(beefaroni for lunch every day) I haven't gotten any new clothes or movies since before X-Mas (anyone who knows me, knows what a big movie fan I am). I'm also realizing that I'm far to protective.. To the point of being an ass hole, and its subconscious I cant even control it. Lets review
-I wont allow Trish to be on the same balcony as people who are smoking
-I wont let Trish Dance (jump up and down)
-I wont let her drink Soda (obviously alcohol and drugs are out)
-Last night we went to McDonalds and hearing her eat her greasy greasy happy meal made me sick to my stomach. That's right I won't even let her eat MacDonalds.

I can feel myself turning into my dad, since I got my promotion at work I'm now a work aholic but if I stop drinking workahol we can't afford to have Trish stay at home after her maternity leave is up. I'm being pulled in 2 different directions and either way I get screwed. 1 money for family, not a big enough part of family, 2. Big part of family but not enough money to live.

We Have an ultra sound scheduled for Jan 26th so hopefully we'll have a new picture to post and I will finally get to see the baby and not just wait in the waiting room for 2 hours then go home with Trish. Also Trish has convinced me to find out what the sex is (even though I was opposed)
here comes the cliche, as long as it's healthy then I will be happy.

Every morning I look at Trish's belly and try to work up the nerve to sing "you are my sunshine" to my jelly bean but I can't get up the nerve. The baby can hear now and Trish read that if you sing to the belly before the bays is born singing that same song after will calm it down. I'm going to start this week mark my words. If anyone knows any good songs add them as a comment to Trishers blog.

Any way I should get back to work, nothing like 8-8 on a Sunday to make you hate your life.

Sunday, January 09, 2005

Well now I did it - By Adam

Adam - Well I let the baby down today for the first time. I have been upgrading my computer at home and in the process I lost all Trisha's emails and email addresses, she was saving peoples emails about the baby to put in a baby book. (so if Trish doesn't email you for a wile its probably because she lost your address). We are past the half way mark now and I'm starting to realize that we cant afford a baby, So I came up with the idea of auctioning the chance to name our baby on eBay. Put the starting bid at 200,000$ worst case scenario is we get a big house and our kids name is ass-hat (thanks to Jaime for the name) I'm still trying to convince Trish to let me do it but I'm not holding my breath. Craig is moving back to Vancouver to get his life plan back on track. I wish him all the best but that means Uncle Craig wont be around when the baby is born. I want my brothers to be a big part of the baby's life but it's going to be a little hard when one of them is on the other side of Canada. Well Simpsons is almost on so peace out yall.

Sunday, January 02, 2005

22 weeks "it's a banana"

The specialist appointment went VERY well last Wednesday. Dr. Gagnon said that the echogentic focus that was picked up on the ultrasound was nothing more then a calcium build up around the left ventricle of the baby's heart. They don't know why this happens in 1 out of every 100 babies. They're going to keep and eye on it though ( I go in for another ultrasound Jan 27th ) just to make sure everything is ok. Although most babies just out grow the calcium build up by the time their born. Also at the visit the doctor checked the baby's heart beat ( he found it immediately ) and discovery it was very strong.

I now don't fit into any of my pants an the only shirts that fit me are BIG sweater. Thankfully Adam took me on another shopping spree for new pregger clothes, so I'd quit my whining :) I've gained a total of 16 pounds so far in this pregnancy ( just yesterday I tipped the scale to my heaviest weight ever in my life ). Although I know there's a baby growing inside of me am still struggling with the idea of putting on all this weight.

Well enough about me! The baby is moving around a bunch now. I think that during the day mostly it sleeps an then when I just get comfortable and ready to drift off to sleep "you know who" thinks it's time to play :). The baby weighs 1 pound and is as big as a banana.