My Bellies Going to get Big

Sunday, April 17, 2005

37 1/2 weeks

They say the last month of pregnancy is the longest month. Now I know why this is sooooo true. Am so ready to be done with this pregnancy thing. All the aches and pains, anticipation, lack of social life (don’t imagine to get this back anytime soon), new stretch marks appearing daily it seems, aching pelvis bone, never ending trips to the bathroom, wobbling here there and everywhere and having nothing to wear that fits me anymore but my BIG clown capri pants L I am done, don’t want to do it anymore, count me out!!

Last week Adam and I went to a breast feeding class. The two of us looked ridiculous walking into class. Here am me wobbling as Adam helps me along with a stuffed Elmo doll tucked under his arm that I will soon pretend to breast feed. They told me something during class that really hit me hard. It’s not that I didn’t know this information before but now it hit as a reality. A newborn baby needs to eat every 2 to 3 hours and will feed for 45 to 60 minutes at each feeding. So when you do the quick math that’s anywhere from 8 to 10 hours a day where this baby will be attached to my breast. All be perfectly honest here, when I heard that I just about cried. I think if I would have blinked tears would have started to fall. I left that class in such a melancholy mood and guilty for feeling that way. An Adam didn’t help matters much when he turned to me and said “no T.V.” Okay I should back up a bit so you all understand this. Adam doesn’t want the baby to be exposed to any TV. what so ever. He read a new study that said it might cause attention deficit disorder in young children. So we’re not allowed to watch TV. in the baby’s presence. An for me that loves TV. and will soon have 8 to 10 hours a day to kill, what am I suppose to do?!

People have been asking me lately if am scared about giving birth. An it’s strange you know because am not. I really thought that I would be freaking out by now. But I have this strange calmness, I think because I don’t see the reason in worrying about; it’s just something you have to go through. I guess I’ve just accepted my fate. Although am sure when the time comes all be pleading and bargaining with god to make it stop J I’ve been doing a lot of research on the pros and cons of labour and delivery and I’ve come to the decision that I want to try and do this naturally without drugs ( as Adam says “good luck to ya girl” )

Am trying to get prepared as much as I possible can before the baby arrives. But how do you really prepare for something that you can’t even fully imagine.

Saturday, April 09, 2005

36 1/2 weeks "my BIG nose"

So here I am now just counting away the last remaining days until baby is here. I've had my baby shower (got everything I needed) my hospital bag is pretty much packed an waiting by the door, I am all finish my prenatal classes, read all of my 4 pregnancy books from front to back and filled all the pre-admission paper work out at the hospital. I've got nothing more to do to prepare for baby's arrival. So now I just wait!!

It's funny how people try and make you feel better but only end up making you feel worse. The other day a friend was trying to tell me that she thought I looked really good and that I didn't look like I put on much weight, then she says "until I saw a picture of you taken last Sept, boy do you ever look different. Your face has gotten rounder even your nose has gotten bigger!!" Then the next day one of my new friends (we meet this January) says " I saw your wedding picture and I had no idea that you USE to be hot! " Well if that wasn't a back handed compliment I don't know what is. An a couple of days after that this lady I bearly know asks me how much I've gained. An since am not shy about it ( why should I be ) I tell her 43 pounds. Well she goes on and on about how obviously I haven't gained it all in the belly because she can clearly see that. You know I wasn't going to say it before, because I am not mean like that. But seriously what made that pleasantly plumb short lady think she had the right to say that to me. At least am pregnant what was her excuse.

People have been predicting that am going to have this baby early. An I think that too, but only because baby has always been a week or two ahead in the weight gain and measure department. Also my doctor is on holidays the last two weeks of April and Adam is out of town April 28th. So I am thinking with my luck she'll decided end of April is as good a time as any to make her BIG debut. My due date is May 9th if anyone is trying to recall.

So three more weeks left of work and then am on maternity leave for 6 months. I can hardly wait to hangout with my little baby. On the other hand however I am going to miss my dream job. I am a Nanny for a little one year old named Sierra and she's such a doll. When watching Sierra successful accomplish each milestone I think to myself, in exactly one year from now my little girl is going to be doing this too ( walking, talking, showing me attitude) I can hardly wait for all the good and bad.