My Bellies Going to get Big

Monday, May 09, 2005

Baby you're due!!

So here it is the big day has arrived. My actual due date for baby to be here. But someone forgot to tell the most important person of all ....BABY! Maybe am partly to see I've made it too comfortable in there and she sees no reason to come out.

The terrible head cold I had is now gone. So yesterday I officially started my "Get out baby regimen". It consists of long walks, jumping up and down, taking evening prime rose vitamins three times a day, foot rubs and love'n from Adam. If by Friday she hasn't packed her bags yet I have offers from friends to go horse back riding and off road driving. Sometimes you got do what you gotta do. Surely baby has to get the hint eventually.

Sooooo uncomfortable doesn't even come close to describing the way I feel anymore. I think that if you make it to the 40 th week of pregnancy and beyond...there should be some freak'in medal for this.


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