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Sunday, May 15, 2005

We Have a Name!!

Daddy's entry:

Mackenzie Lynn Nicole Rice

I ran home early Sunday morning 4:00 am to get some sleep. Trish had been up for almost 72+ hours so Tammy (Trisha's mom) came in at 11:00pm to stay with Mackenzie till 6:00am so Trish could sleep (thanks for all the help Grandma)

The only reason I logged on to post instead of hitting the bed was to share the nick name her soon to be Uncle Trever called her, "Big-Mac", we had quite a chuckle (she is almost 10 pounds).

I think she might be the most well behaved baby ever. She slept for 3 hours before we had to wake her up at 3:00 to feed. Well I'm going to stop writing now before Trish gets mad at me for sharing all the big updates.


At 11:13 AM, Blogger GD Member said...

It's been half a month since your last post. What's going on with the baby! Or was that only a prenatal weblog? :)


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